the programs

Group Ex/X-Factor Classes

12X per month or Unlimited

High Energy and Dynamic

Fat Burning Workouts

Positive, Challenging Structure

Social and Supportive Environment

16 Week Program
3X Small Group Sessions Per Week Structured Workout Program Strength and lean muscle building 
Regular bodyfat measurements 
  Monthly Progress Review

Personal Training

2-3X Sessions Per Week

Body Composition Analysis

Customized Workout Program

Regular bodyfat measurements

Holistic Nutritional Review

Monthly Progress Review

Get stronger and fitter through exercise

  • Reach Your Goals Faster
  • Workouts that adapt to your progress
  • Focused and results driven
  • Movement improvement, corrective exercise and functional training

meet MY happy cLIENTS

Nicole Collins


I feel more sturdy and stable. I am able to do more physical activities than I ever have before. I am in the best shape of my life and looking forward to the future.

Al Whitley

Personal Training

I had the privilege of working with Achilles for 2 years. My back feels much better and I notice the increased strength in my legs. I appreciate all of the help he has provided.


Personal Training

I spent years in the weight room but never had it "click" before. I wanted to start fresh and wanted to work with someone who would treat it as a learning experience as much as training sessions. I hit weightlifting records I never thought possible and I have noticed a considerable change in body composition.


Salutations!  My Name is Achilles -

I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Holistic Health Practitioner, Nutritional Counselor, Yoga student and Fitness Evangelist. 

My mission is to build a better YOU through holistic health and fitness.

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3425 Fifth Ave

San Diego CA 92103

Phone number:  619 - 630 - 8310

Email: info@brainstormfit.com