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Seated Row – Exercise Highlight

The row is a horizontal pull. It's one of the 7 basic human movement patterns (the others being horizontal push, vertical pull and push, deadlift, squat and rotation). It can and should be performed many ways throughout your training regimen.


The Row in Phase 1

In phase 1 the row should be performed with a stability implement.

  • Standing single leg row
  • Standing single arm row
  • Seated on stability ball single arm row
  • Renegade Row

The Row in Phase 2

The row in phase 2 is performed in a superset.

  • Stability ball single arm row super set with a bent over dumbbell row
  • Standing single leg row super set with seated single arm row

The Row in Phase 3

The row in phase 3 is performed in a superset.

  • Seated narrow grip cable row
  • Bent over barbell row

The Row in Phase 4

I don't do rows in phase 4.

Phase 4 is strictly olympic style lifts such as the snatch, clean & jerk, snatch balances, deadlifts and squats.

The Row in Phase 5

In phase 5 we superset a traditional strength exercise (a heavy load) with a power phase exercise (with a light load performed as fast as possible).

  • Traditional seated cable row super set with speed tube row
  • Traditional seated cable row super set with wood chop throw

Upper Cross Syndrome Fix Exercise series

Below is a series of exercises that will help correct Upper Cross Syndrome.

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Stephanie is an author, bodybuilder, and blogger. You can check out her latest book here.