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Workout to Pig Out

Have you ever seen a fit person pig out and asked yourself, 'How can they eat like that and still be so fit?'

Do you want the flexibility in your diet to eat treats, go out to eat, grab a snack, have that blended coffee you so badly desire and it not affect your physique?


This is a super popular topic in the fitness and health industry. In October 2015 I began thinking about this topic after listening to the Fast Food for Everyone, including athletes podcast by John Kiefer, one of the industry's leading experts in human metabolism. He talked about how athletes can eat fast food and look aesthetically pleasing. I always knew I was able to eat more fatty, sugary foods than my non-weight lifting friends without it hurting my physique but I couldn't quite explain it until learning about a caloric deficit.

Although it is true that you cannot out train a bad diet, if you train consistently with intensity you can minimize the effects of random poor quality food choices.

Below you see a picture I had on my Instagram years ago displaying my calorie log for the day and the brownie I blended up in my smoothie to make up for the caloric deficit I was in that day.

Weeks ago, I woke up after a night of pigging out. I woke up the next morning and looked at my stomach. It was completely flat.

Waking up to a flat stomach after looking like a pregnant woman the night before made me grateful I have the motivation, discipline and priority to weight train. Granted, the things I pigged out on were sugar snap peas, apples, tons of peanut butter, cheese, and mostly whole food but I ate an enormous amount and went straight to sleep.

By following a regular exercise schedule and understanding what foods  are most nutrient dense I had more wiggle room when it comes to food. It’s not just working out that saves me. It’s the kind of training I do that allows me to build dense muscle which burns calories for me throughout the day.

Because I follow a regimented training schedule (which is only 3-4 times / week for 30-45 minutes / day) I don't need to haze myself after having a high carb or fatty meal. Through meal planning you can plan for these meals as long as you’re weight lifting. Your body will utilize the calories to rebuild muscle.

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About the Author Stephanie Lane

Stephanie is an author, bodybuilder, and blogger. You can check out her latest book here.